On the grand stage of life, the protagonist is the “now”

Originating from the pages of “Message — O das Quina” by Fernando Pessoa, emerges a query that resonates deeply in the tapestry of human existence: what constitutes the sufficient measure for us to attain the fullness of satisfaction? In a tangle of desires, we are sometimes captivated by the tireless pursuit of “more,” oblivious to the perception that what already resides within us is, in itself, an unfathomable wealth. How many wander through the labyrinth of time, whose finitude is indisputable, in search of that which is already interwoven at the core of our journey?

Possession, as an inevitable conclusion, seems pale in comparison to the vitality of the quest. The quest, a fleeting fragment in the universe’s timeline, is, nonetheless, the quintessence of existence. It is the moment in which we can take flight, run swiftly, or simply walk serenely, scrutinizing the very essence of living. The quest transmutes into ecstasy, into delight, for it resides in the capacity to explore, to face the wind with unfurled wings, to tread paths where the very path itself is the glistening treasure.

It is in the fervent embrace of the present that the quintessence of our epic lies. In an intricate dance, it is not about accumulating possessions, but about seizing moments. The relentless clock does not wait for us; it crowns those who venture into the tapestry of today. Instead of reminiscing with regret over past choices, we should raise our eyes to the yet-undiscovered horizon. For it is there, in the vast field of tomorrow, that the terrain where we can sow metamorphosis lies.

The past, it is true, is an inscription in stone, immutable to our machinations. However, it is an eternal school, where learning is the reward. Therefore, let us, in this ephemeral journey, nurture reverence for the moment. May our aspirations not stagnate in the pursuit of having, but flourish in the pursuit of being. May our steps pave the road to a tomorrow that we can forge with the hands of the present.

On the grand stage of life, the protagonist is the now. It is in the now that the denouement of adventures is woven, and it is in the now that we must orchestrate our efforts. So, let us dare, dream, and ascend. Let us look forward, for it is in that direction that the art of shaping the future rests. May the echo of Pessoa’s words accompany us as we embrace the quest, embrace the present, and thus, tread the path towards the future, with fearlessness and renewed spirit.

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